Visa fullständig version : Svenska vinter-rallyt 2002

2001-06-06, 12:10
Kanske väl tidigt att snacka om vintern när sommaren står i antågande:

"The Swedish WRC Rally 2002 will be based in Karlstad once again next year, but the bulk of the event will be centred on the town of Hagfors, just to the north.
The intention is to have just one service area for the entire rally, instead of the multiple service areas. Unlike certain other World Championship rallies, the Swedes believe that the change will also make for a more compact route.
The organisers also wish to run a week earlier than usual, on January 31-February 3, to avoid a media clash with the Winter Olympics."

Markera i era kalendrar! Klubben räknar med att ordna samma bra boende som förra gången!

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