Visa fullständig version : Anyone need garage space near nykoping

2014-02-26, 20:59
As per title, in the process hopefully of moving garage again to a larger one 235m2, looking for 1 or 2 more people to share the cost 3 of as the moment rent is 9000 + moms d---0.o---b

2014-03-17, 16:42
What kind of facility are we talking about?

Are we talking pure storage or is this a working garage including lifts and so on?

Would it be safe/okay to store cars at this garage?

I've got a BE5 B4 RSK Blitzen at the moment requiring winter storage and perhaps an SVX on the way if everything goes the way I'm hoping.

2014-03-26, 21:16
Hi matey it would be a full working hobby garage with 2 lifts office showers etc etc, in side a locked compound with security.

Sadly just before we were going to sign contract a large company went in and rented the full 1240m2 :eek:

So we are still looking for some where :o

2014-03-28, 02:06
Too bad,

Give me a heads up in case something pops up.

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