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2015-08-12, 23:04
Har sjäv lysande ABS o hittade detta. Tyvärr på Engelska men hoppas att det inte är ett bekymmer.

Jag har sjävl fått fram min felkod med denna instruktion GT-MY00

If your ABS light is on the ABS computer will store an error code, much like the ECU. You can read what each code is with a simple procedure. Here it is (98 legacy GT wagon)

Under the dash, above and to the left of the gas pedal there is a large bundle of wires. Remove the plastic panel below the steering column to make finding it easier. Look carefully, there should be a small (1/2 inch), BLACK plug hanging down from that bundle. On mine the plug was taped to the bundle, look carefully, it took me 1/2 hour just to find mine because I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. The documents I read said the plug is green, on my car it is in fact black. There are wires with two small metal prongs taped to the wire connecting to the plug. The prongs may be taped up and not visible (as was in my case) or may be hanging next to the plug already, expose the two prongs.

Looking at the black diagnostic plug, it has two holes on top and four on the bottom, like so:
____X X
__X X X 6

The X's are the holes you don't care about and the six being the hole you do care about. With the key in the OFF position, plug one of the metal prongs into position 6, the bottom right one as you are looking at the plug.

Turn the key to the "ON" position, and observe the ABS light. It should start flashing at you, a long flash is for the tens value, the short flash for the ones value. It will always flash code "11" as the default code regardless if there is a problem or not (one long flash followed by one short one) In my case it flashed code 11 and code 21 (two long flashes and one short one) with a short pause between each code. the codes repeat for five minutes so just take your time and count the flashes several times to confirm you have the correct code.

Trouble code list:

Code Indicates

None: Problem in light drive circuit. Light has to come on for 1.5 secs after ignition is on.

Light On: Same as above

11: Start Code
21 FR wheel sensor open circuit or input voltage too high
23 FL
25 RR
27 RL

22 FR wheel sensor when no open circuit or speed signal input
24 FL
26 RR
28 RL

29 Faulty tone wheel
31 FR Faulty solenoid valve circuit in hydraulic unit
33 FL
39 Rear wheels
41 Faulty ABS control module
42 Source voltage is low
51 Faulty valve relay
52 Faulty Hydraulic Motor and or motor relay
54 Faulty Stop Light circuit
56 Wrong control module used or faulty G Sensor

In my case, I looked at the wheel sensor and the connecting wire for damage. There was none so I traced it to inside the engine compartment to find it....unplugged!!. :smt011

In my case I reconnected the plugs for the wheel sensor and the code went away. If the code does not go away, take the prong that is sticking into the diagnostic plug and remove it and plug it back in three times in quick succession. That supposedly clears the code. The computer only stores three codes at a time so make sure that when you are done you only get code 11.

Jag vet inte om Reset delen funkar, men skall testa imon.:rolleyes:

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