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Gammal 2018-06-14, 17:46
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I don't think SSC will create separate topics for these events since SSC are not the organizers. But you are of course free to start one

As for the sign-up, I asked Hasse at STEC (organizer), and he replied that the sign-up link should be "at the top of the webpage". Had a look around and found this:
I assume that is where you sign up for participation.

Not sure how/where you pay (supposed to be 500 SEK for SSC as far as I can understand, not the 999 SEK stated on the sign up page).

Good luck, have fun and please let us know how the event went down! I think we are all curious to see how this new collaboration with STEC will work

/Koffe, not race ready yet...
Tack för informationsvännen, jag behöver det här!
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