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Gammal 2015-09-28, 10:59
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Standard Which coilovers for WRX?

Hi All,

I want to have my 07 Subaru Impreza WRX lowered. Main aim is to reduce body roll and to make it corner like it's "on rails". (I don't like slowing down for roundabouts...)

Any opinions? views?

Any help much appreciated.
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Gammal 2015-09-28, 12:19
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Hi and welcome to the SSC forum!

Try posting in the Impreza - Handling part of the forum (http://www.subaruclub.se/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=89) for more/better answers.

As always it's a question about funds... If you are looking for both handling and comfort the price will most likely be high. That being said, we are quite a few running on "budget" coils like K-sport/D2 with decent results

You might also want to look for beefier anti roll bars. Going from stock to 24mm (or even 27mm) ARBs will improve handling (especialy turn-in) without seriously affecting ride quality.

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Gammal 2015-10-04, 11:03
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If you want the best, and you are budgeting.
Then I suggest Koni yellow inserts, its abit DIY but it will beat anything in its class range.

If you want Performance, Reliability, cheapness then Koni insert is your best option, that along with some RCE spings or STI pink springs.

Im going to go this route as Koni inserts is perfect all rounder.
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Gammal 2016-02-01, 19:04
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you don't need to lower your car to achieve this. Your best bet is to go with bigger Anti roll bars/ Sway bars. Due to the dynamic camber changes inherent to Mcpherson struts you'll want a larger bar up front. I run a 27mm whiteline up front and a 24mm whiteline in the rear on my 06 sti. It makes miles of difference and you'll only notice inceased harshness on uneven roads.
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